Iomega has a box, Seagate has a box. Western Digital's new box, the WD TV Hub Live is now confirmed to be DLNA compliant, which is good for future proofing. It has Facebook posting of statuses, photos, and videos. I think this is a killer feature.

It also supports both Netflix and Blockbuster for those who wish to switch between them, but not Hulu as far as I can tell. The platform is also not open to developers, like the Roku and certainly like the Google TV. The Apple TV I'm still counting as closed because jailbreaking is dubious and not condoned by the manufacturer, and hasn't really led to any results yet.

Netgear's digital entertainer live also available at radioshack for just $50 box focuses on streaming media from your PC, including Hulu support today, but does not have Mac support.

I am going to review the Netgear version of the box in a follow-up post.


I am looking at devices to replace my cable TV.
Among my options: the viewsonic box, the western digital box, the apple TV (supports airplay), the roku
I am interested in a device that supports DLNA because of twonky's streaming technology.
the western digital device looks best, but would set me back and does not support hulu plus.
-- no wi fi
airplay is similar to dlna, a-tv has wifi.



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